Decentralized Algorand Option Contracts

AlgOptions is a permissionless, decentralized option protocol for ALGO and Algorand Standard Assets.

AlgOptions issues an option token in exchange for collateral. Each token represents the option to buy or sell one token of the given asset at the given strike (in USDC) by the given expiration.


1. Obtain Option Tokens

  • Select an asset (ALGO or ASA), strike price, and expiration date. Trade collateral for option tokens.

2. Sell or Trade Back

  • Sell your tokens through DEX.
  • Trade tokens back to obtain your collateral.

3. Claim Proceeds

  • After the option expires, claim proceeds from option exercise and any remaining collateral from option tokens that were not exercised.


1. Purchase Option Tokens

  • Buy option tokens through DEX.

2. Sell or Exercise

  • Sell your tokens through DEX.
  • Exercise your option tokens by trading the tokens and required USDC for the underlying asset.